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  1. 3. 2005  MySQL(TM) manual in MS HTML Help 5.0.3-alpha  
What is MyMan
What is HTML Help
The HTML Help viewer
MyMan enhacements
MyMan enhacements
Buttons & menus
Navigation with mouse
  Buttons description
SQL keywords highlighting
  Chapter numbers

Buttons & menus

Every page has at the begining group of buttons which mostly display simple menu after you click them. These buttons tries to bring additional functionality and to make using of MySQL(TM) manual more comfortable. You can execute action associated with button using keyboard shortcut. If button displays menu this menu is always shown at the top of visible area even if the button itself is hidden (because you scroll down the page). Function of every button is described later. Together with buttons there is also link which lists all chapters preceding the actual one:

Buttons description

"In this chapter" menu contains links to all sub-chapters of active one. The same links are also placed at the bottom of page preceded with In this chapter text.
Shortcut: Ctrl+Alt+I

"Find" button opens dialog where you can type word(s) you want to select (highlight) on active page. When you select some text with mouse and press shortcut for Find, no dialog is opened and all occurences of selected text within the page is automatically highlighted.
Tip: imagine you open chapter CREATE TABLE Syntax and want to quickly find description of AUTO_INCREMENT - select AUTO_INCREMENT word with mouse, press Ctrl+Alt+F and every further occurences will be highlighted. This helps you to aim only on parts of text, you are interested in.
Shortcut: Ctrl+Alt+F

"See section" menu contains all links open chapter refers to. These anchors are in text usually preceded with see section.
Shortcut: Ctrl+Alt+S

Pressing "With user comments" button opens commented version of active chapter directly from MySQL web site. You need to be connected to Internet for this to work.

"E-mail" menu contains several addresses of MySQL mailing lists.

"Std. keyword style" button activates/deactivates fonts and text styles used in MySQL manual. After pressing this button special words will be colored and will be rendered with constant-width font.
Shortcut: Ctrl+Alt+K

Chapter numbers

Although chapter numbers are removed from titles and anchor tags they are preserved as tooltips for this elements. Furthermore every chapter has it's number at the bottom of the page. This can be used together with full-text search to quickly find certain chapter (for example when someone in mailing list refers to it by it's number).

Navigation with mouse

To navigate through viewer history you can use mouse. This ability is the same as in Opera browser. If you want to go to previous page, hold down left and click right button. If you want to go forward hold down right button and click left.

SQL keywords highlighting

For better readability most of SQL command syntax descriptions have bolded keywords.