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  1. 3. 2005  MySQL(TM) manual in MS HTML Help 5.0.3-alpha  
What is MyMan
What is HTML Help
The HTML Help viewer
MyMan enhacements
What is MyMan?

MyMan is a shortcut for MySQL(TM) manual and it is conversion of this manual into HTML Help. This conversion tries to bring additional functionality and make using of MySQL manual more comfortable. Its content is not altered in any way. As a source for the conversion was used HTML version of MySQL manual available at The conversion was made by using Html2hhp.

What is HTML Help?

Microsoft® HTML Help is a help format intended for Windows operating system. It supersedes older Windows Help (.hlp extension) and help files in this format have .chm extension. The HTML Help viewer provides simple but powerful interface which makes using help easy and speeds up searching for a requested information in large texts. File with .chm extension (short for Compiled Html Help) contains HTML pages including images, CSS style definitions, etc. compiled together. The pages are compressed which means they consume less space.

The HTML Help viewer

The HTML Help viewer consists of three parts: navigation pane, button pane, and topic pane. Navigation pane contains tabs with table of contents, index, full-text search and favorite help topics.

Table of contents

Tree-like table of contents is located on the Contents tab. You can expand (collapse) individual branches by clicking on plus (minus) sign. To show the topic click on it.


Use of index is the fastest way to get to the information you need. Usability studies have shown that well-planned index is used much more frequently than table of contents or full-text search. To show the selected topic double-click on it.

Full-text search

Full-text search is useful when you want to search all help topics for the certain word or phrase. Searched expression is additionally highlighted which helps you to locate it in the text. Your search can be refined using wildcards (*, ?), operators (AND, OR, NOT, NEAR), and nested expressions.

Favorite help topics

Favorites tab contains editable list where you can save topics used most often.


The HTML Help Viewer uses the layout engine components of Microsoft Internet Explorer to display contents of .chm file. Minimum is IE 3.02 installed; for this conversion at least version 4.0 is needed. HTML Help components are automatically installed with IE 4.0 and higher, MS Office 2000, MS Windows 98, MS Windows 2000 and higher and with another software products. Installation package is also available at HTML Help website (Microsoft)