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  1. 3. 2005  Html2hhp 1.3.3 for MySQL(TM)  
What is Html2hhp
Conversion step by step
Licence & Liability
What is Html2hhp?

Html2hhp is console-based application for Windows. It helps to make conversion from one HTML file to HTML Help project. It is fully optimized for MySQL(TM) manual.html file and probably this will be the only application. See section MyMan for already converted MySQL manual and more information about HTML Help format.

You can use Html2hhp if you want to convert MySQL manual in version you cann't (or don't want) to download here. If you have HTHL Help Workshop installed, it is profitable to download 63 KB of Html2hhp and make conversion by yourself than to download nearly 2 MB of converted manual.

The oldest sucessfully converted version was 3.23.2. When converting older version Html2hhp can crash because the structure of MySQL manual changes from time to time. Please let me know if you should encounter such a problem.

Conversion step by step

  • download and unpack Html2hhp

  • run html2hhp.exe <source> <output_directory>

    Source is the path to manual.html file. This file is located in the Docs subdirectory of your MySQL installation directory. The newest version can be also obtained from

    Manual.html will be splitted into smaller files, one file per chapter. As next there will be created table of contents and index. At the end there will be saved images, stored as resources in html2hhp.exe, together with HTML Help project file, CSS definitions and JavaScript code. All these files will be placed in the output_directory.

    Version of MySQL to which the input_file belongs is determined from the first H1 tag.

  • to get the .chm file you need to compile newly created HTML Help project file (output_directory\myman.hhp) with the HTML Help compiler. If you have HTML Help Workshop installed, just double-click this file and choose Compile from toolbar or menu. Otherwise you must first download HTML Help Workshop and install it on your computer.

Licence & Liability

Html2hhp is freeware. That is you can distribute and use it for your personal use or in commercial sphere for free.

Html2hhp is supplied "as-is", with no warranties expressed or implied. Petr Havlicek will not be liable for damage or loss of any kind while using or misusing this software. Installing and using Html2hhp signifies acceptance of this.