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  1. 1. 2003  Bootword 1.2   
What can Bootword do?
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Without installer 47 KB >> 56 KB unpacked
With installer bootword-1.2.exe 86 KB >> 92 KB unpacked

In case you'll find Bootword useful, please come back to this site and tell us what you've been using Bootword for. Of course, your suggestions and comments are also welcome!

Archive contains

  • Bootword executable.
    If you choose "Without installer" link, no installer/uninstaller is included. Just run bootword.exe from where you unpack downloaded zip file.

  • Brief Help in HTML format.

Problems downloading?

To download Bootword, right click underlined link or bootword-1.2.exe. A menu will appear from which you choose Save target as (or Save Link As in Mozilla). In Save as dialog specify where to save Bootword within you computer. When the downloading is over, use WinZip, WinRar or other archive managing tool to extract Bootword files.