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  1. 1. 2003  Bootword 1.2   
Bootword enables you to save your data into hidden area located on each floppy disc. Saved data can't be seen by commonly used software and floppy disk used in this way is still fully accessible. 47 KB   more info
  1. 3. 2005  Html2hhp 1.3.3 for MySQL(TM)   
Html2hhp is convertor used to convert MySQL manual to MS HTML Help format. It takes MySQL manual as input and creates fully functional Html Help project ready to compile with MS HTML Help Workshop. 63 KB   more info

New in 1.3.3

  • Reflected some minor changes in MySQL manual

  1. 3. 2005  MySQL(TM) manual in MS HTML Help 5.0.3-alpha   
Microsoft® HTML Help is very effective help format. MyMan is MySQL manual converted to this format including keywords, full-text search and serveral additive functions for better use. 3025 KB   more info